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Throughout my reading on subwoofer design it seems that box shape has a nill effect on performance, just more importance to get the volume correct. To me, It seems that the "best" designs are sono tube followed by a traditional cube. Unfortunately i do not have the space for either of these large ported designs as dictated by my current space.

So, I do have a nice amount of unused space behind an overside chair in the a corner of the room. i was thinking and wondering if i had made a box shaped like the letter K, would it work? it can adjoin at the intersection by atleast 4". picture it like taking the cube and cutting it in half... interior volume would still be ~6 cubic feet for the SI 18" i have in question.

using this abnormal box shape will allow me to use two 4" ports at 33.7" long to keep the air velocity inder 17.8m/s at peak for about a 600w input from the ep2500. looks great on the model but how would it do in the real world

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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