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Upcoming Commercial Screen Reviews and other News.

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Da-Lite is sending me some 30x30 samples of their Da-Matt, the High Contrast Da-Mat, Pearlescent, and the High Contrast Cinema Vision screen materials.

I have had 6x8 samples of HoloDisplay's HoloVega, HoloDark, HoloGrey, HoloLite, and HoloMirage for about a year now, but 6x8 inches is too small to do anything with and get a substantial review. They agreed to send me a 24x24 inch sample of the HoloVega. Mech already covered the HoloVega very well so I'm certainly not going to recover that ground. I do plan on adding some supplemental tests and comments to his review since I have a very different projector than he has. This will be good to show more than one projector and setup.

I also contacted Vogel, DIYTheatre, and Digital Image to get some reviews going on a few of the commercial screen paints out there.

Just as a note: These reviews are not intended as a DIY/Commercial showdown, we are trying to expand the forum and have some representation of commercial screens. We know that not everyone wants DIY and they should be able to get the same type of detailed information on the commercial products as the DIY applications. Please keep any comments in the review threads on topic with the screen being reviewed. Later on there will be a 'Best of' comparison, but that probably won't be for awhile since each of the reviews takes some time to do. (I have spent entire weekends in the past reviewing DVD scenes, cuing them, taking screenies, reviewing the screenies... like I said, it takes a bit longer than it may seem) Tiddler and Mech know exactly what I am talking about there!

There are also some 'loose ends' threads that need to be finished and they will be. All in all the this sub-forum is only around six months old and as mentioned it takes time to lay everything out and get the information presented. We're getting there!

We've had a great start this year and the remainder of the year should get even better.

Thanks to everyone for all the great threads and posts! I don't want to speak for mech, but I'm sure he feels the same.
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Hi Bill, I was wondering if we could include a sample of Black Flame? I'm not being smart and I'm not trying to stir anything up here. BF is a commercial screen paint mix, and never has it been tested by an unbiased source. I, for one, would be interested in how it stacks up against some of the other players.

I think we'd include them if they sent a sample. But I doubt they would. Who knows? :dontknow:


Da-Lite was originally only going to send me the screen materials they sell the most of. But a quick email got me several others that caught my eye, even though they were 6.75" original samples.

Next up will be the Seymour AV Acoustically Transparent Screen.

Looking forward to that one mech!
I set up a little jig tonight for hanging samples and intend to start tomorrow evening. I did, however, finally open up the tube. It seems to be high quality stuff and by my eyeball, match the Brilliant White. That's all unscientific though...

Looking forward to that one mech!
I had planned on getting all of my shots last night. But instead wound up glued to the tube watching the bridge tragedy over and over. Had to make two quick calls to brothers as well - they use that bridge everyday. They're lucky it wasn't worse!

For those of you wondering, a major bridge fell into the Mississippi yesterday around 6:15pm or so. Roughly a quarter mile long and I believe 4 lanes - Interstate 35W in and out of Minneapolis, MN.


1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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