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upgrade to BDP-103 opinion

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got that upgrade fever again,i've been happy with my bdp-83 since the day it arrived.the 103 has more features,some that i have with wd tv, the 4k upscale is irrelevant at this point.are there any big differences in the video chips ?
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Here's an interesting link on the topic.


Can't imagine you will see a huge difference. But, then again, with the resale of your 83...you might be getting it for next to nothing & that could make it a no brainer. Let us know what you do.
Thanks tonto,I had planned moving it to bedroom but I may look into the resale value :spend:
I really like my BDP-83, but love my BDP-93. However, with the loss of Component and all other Analog Video Outputs, it would be a really tough call as to which to get. If you owned a 93, I would absolutely recommend standing pat.
Yeah I own the the 93 and I love it!! I will not be upgrading. The only new feature that is of interest to me is the 2d to 3d conversion but not enough to upgrade. The only way I would is if my 93 broke and was unrepairable.
I think I'll keep the 83 and wait to see if a 93 pops up at fair price
That is the course of action I would take. Some folks do prefer the Anchor Bay VP in the 83 for DVD's over the BDP-93. This was especially true before the FW Update which allowed for 1080p/24 DVD Playback.
Thanks for the input jungle jack , glad i asked before buying on impulse saved me some $$
But if you just have to upgrade and want to unload your 83, I would be happy to take advantage of your desperation...:D
Thanks for the kind offer lcaillo,i think i'll do some research on a projector,i've always liked them and are more affordable now than ever :spend:
I had been debating upgrading (replacing) my BDP-83 as well. I never used the component video out on it so I don't think I will be missing anything there. I guess my main reason to upgrade is for 3D which I am not a huge fan of but at least I will have the option.
I also really like the dual HDMI out as well as the input.
So I just placed the my order for a 103 now I just have to time the sale of my 83 with the 103 being shipped (whenever that will be)
For some people, loss of component is a problem (although it's less and less of an issue these days...even my 9 year old Mitsu RPTV 65813 has DVI/HDCP). The other red flag is Cinavia copy protection, which I still don't think has had a suitable workaround engineered. Honestly I could care less if Cinavia was used in the rental market. But I will have a big problem if BD discs started being distributed this way widespread in the sell through market.
I own the 93 and will not be upgrading. I don't see a compelling reason or benefit to change.
I, too, have liked the performance of my 83 up until this point (having some minor hit or miss issues) and wondered what "upgrading" to a new Oppo would net for me personally -- I am connected ONLY via HDMI OUT for all audio and video (including 1080p Blu-ray video/lossless audio bitstreaming and DVD upscaling to 1080p/bitstreaming of lossy formats) so multichannel analog isn't a factor for me, nor is 3D...BUT, DVD upconversion is a huge deal breaker because we still watch a lot of standard discs, so I am wondering if I should just stick with the VRS Anchor Bay chip inside the BDP-83 which has done an outstanding job thus far upscaling well-authored and mastered DVDs to 1080p...:huh:
Love my 83 but since my new TV is 3D ready I wanted a player to take advantage of it so now I have a 103.
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