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Thanks go out to Luke for hosting this and stormwind13 for telling us about it. I wasn't there very long as they broke for lunch shortly before I had to leave but I did get to hear the JTR 215RTs which sounded awesome. I'm not sure what the second setup that we listened to was but it sounded good as well. :T

I wish I could have spent the whole day there but I had to work. :foottap:

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Noesis 215RT vs. Yorkville U215.

Audio memory being what it is, and the long time in between switching these out, they both have similar qualities. They both do things that I have heard very very few speakers do, that is to have both midrange and treble from one common horn that controls the pattern well down low.

Klipsch Jubilee is one that does this very well: When you walk about the room off axis, the sound is cohesive, just like that from the JTR and the Yorkville.

Both the Noesis 215RT and Yorkville U215 can get louder than 'most' sane people would care to use them at, but for a larger HT these will rock your world.

The Noesis 215RT had a 16hz highpass on them, and we tossed everything we could at them, including Bass I Love You, and a few others. They took it in stride, powered by a Crest CC4000. ( correct me if I am wrong )

The Noesis was very very smooth and had great extension up high, as well as very good extension down low. This is truly a full range speaker that can satisfy most bass heads without requiring a sub.

To be fair, the U215 Yorkville had zero eq when we listened to them. The only wart I could identify was that David Gilmour's voice ( I have the DVD ) was a bit nasal and the drums in the song "Time" were pretty flat sounding. [I am quite familiar with listening to this on a number of systems and headphones.]

Othorn & Gjallerhorn...

I have heard the 21" B&C loaded Othorn before, but it was outdoors and underpowered. I own LMS5400's, but have never heard the Gjallerhorn prior.

The server room scene in the movie "Pulse" was a test of the structural integrity of the house for sure. The room was breathing, while the magnets on both of the drivers in the horn were ice cold after multiple clips and music.

The Othorn by itself is a fantastic device from 25hz+ but paired with the Gjallerhorn.... Just make sure you have enough amplifier and your are on good relations with your neighbors.

Each Othorn runs from 24 to 80 hz, and has it's own bridged Crest CC5500 amplifier, and each Gjallerhorn has it's own bridged Crest CC4000 covering the 15 to 26 hz region.

The Yorkville U215's had a smaller Crest CC2800 in stereo.

A miniDSP 8x8 handles all of the matrixing and processing for the subs and main speakers, but there was no eq on the mains other than a high pass filter, as they had just been put in the room for the GTG a day earlier, then pulled to put the JTR 215's in.

To recap: fantastic pattern control down low by both the JTR and Yorkville, resulting in smooth on and off axis performance with less early reflections and SBIR issues.

Quote of the GTG: ( Jeff Permanian, JTR Speakers ) " I like turning it up to eleven, these guys like turning it up to eighteen! "
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