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Urc mx-980

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Anyone have a copy of the software they are willing to share? I purchase the MX-980 last year but misplace the software. Help please!
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I came across your website and posts by chance and you may be god send.
I bought a MX-980 last year and ever since have been dying to program and use it. I have a mx-800 that I bought 7 years ago and it still works great but I am upgrading my HT equipment and want to use the mx-980. I have a copy of the mx-980 editor and can use it to program it basically to get it to work but it will look very bland I guess. I need the CCP and the CCP expansion pack.
I tried the harmony 1100 and hate it, it looks good but useless for my requirement because it cannot do things like "switch on lights when a pause button is pressed" basically it cannot perform sequence of commands from different devices tied to a button.
I saw that you sold a mx-980 with ccp and expansion pack, do you have another one like that or can you help with the CCP and expansion pack ?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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