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I've a HP mini-note book and I need an external USB sound card that meets the following criteria's
-works with ECM8000. That requires it to have phantom power
-is Vista 32-bit/64-bit compatible.

People here seems to use M-Audio pre but some people does not seem to like it.

E-MU Tracker Pre USB 2.0 is priced lower than M-Audio and has the features that I need.

I searched the forum and could not find anybody using it. Is there a problem with this sound card.

One stupid question. I plan to buy SVS AS-EQ1 and was wondering if that will be compatible with REW? If its compatible then I don't need to buy USB sound card
I have the AS-EQ1 and REW is not required. I got interested in REW as a means of confirming what
the AS-EQ1 is measuring.

My current setup is the EMU 0404 USB supplying phantom power to an Earthworks M30.
The 0404 is pretty bulky but has decent MIC inputs and has audio outputs.

I was also looking at the Centrance Micport Pro, it is not a soundcard but a USB MIC interface.
It is very compact and does 48V phantom power.
It costs about $30 more than the M-Audio.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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