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Since my AV15X sub was being repaired, I have been using my TC 3K 15" sub in the 7cf with 18" PR's tuned to 15.5hz. Actually, the box is more like 8cf since I added 5-lbs of polyfill material to it. I just received my AV sub back and I've been thinking of letting the TC sub use the PR box and low pass it and let it run the 15hz-50hz frequencies. I would then build a 3-3.5cf sealed box for the AV15X sub and high pass it at 50hz, which could then be crossover at 120hz or even higher to run the mid-bass which this sub is superb at, much better than the TC sub. On the other hand, the TC sub's extra xmax and motor power make it better at the low bass than the AV15X sub, from 30hz and below. The AV15X sub can go up to 200hz with no problem and the TC 3K sub I'm now using is +/-2 from 20hz-50hz and only down 5-6 db's at 15hz, but falls off hard right after 60hz.

The TC 3K sub is powered by ED LT 1300 plate amp. I know the TC sub can take 2,000 + watts but since its in a big 8cf box, won't that cut down the power handling abilities of the TC sub? If so, then maybe the 1,300 watts I currently have will be enough to power the TC sub to almost its max? For the AV15X sub, I would use ED LT550 plate amp which I own but it's not being used right now. Since the mid-bass does not require as much power, that should be enough, right?

The TC 3K PR sub is the right front corner of my big room and I would place the sealed AV15X sub inside my big pine wall unit, next to the center speaker, some 5-6 feet away from the TC sub. Will these subs help even the frequency response of the room or it won't since they are each running different frequencies? My room has very good frequency response for the most part. Placing the AV15X sub next to the center might allow it to use a crossover of 120hz or even higher without "localization" issues, right? Also, since the AV15X sub will be running mid-bass frequencies, the box is not going to vibrate much which should make it o.k to be placed inside a cabinet, right? It's pretty much the only location I have for it and when not in use I can close the cabinet doors and "hide" it, great WAF. By the way, with this set-up, maybe I won't need to upgrade my speakers (Mirage V2 FS which only go to 55hz, with the center/surrounds going only to 70hz) since they won't be "stressing" with the mid-bass, no?

Right now, I'm using ED EQ2 for the subsonic filter and its two EQ bands which is good enough in my room. On the other hand, I could get Behringer DCX 2496 and let it do the crossovers/EQ and sell my ED EQ2. I also ran into Harrison Laboratories the other day and they have FMOD filter modules low/high pass that could be used with an attenuator to provide 24db/octave for the subs. I also saw PFMOD 2W-1, a two way adjustable crossover (passive). It has a high pass in the 50-150hz range (12db/octave) which might be enough since the sealed AV15X sub will be rolling off below 50hz anyways, right? Also, the low pass section has two mono-mixed output with 16 selectable crossover frequencies from 42hz to 200hz at 18/db octave which again since the TC sub rolls off after 60hz, might be good enough, right? Are these FMODS reliable and work well (without distortion)? It's definetly a cheaper option.

Finally, my TC 3K 15" sub is the older "version", 2 DVC 2ohms and a black cone. If someone has the parameters and wants to model it with my specs, feel free. Are there going to be integration issues using these two subs or can they work together well? Are these two subs going to maintain for the most part a "flat" frequency response, from 20hz-120hz by being used together? I know I could use some other mid-bass woofers in this application but since I already have both, why not use then? Should I just use my AV15X sub with the PR's box and sell the TC 3K sub? Thanks for your input (suggestions).
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