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I agree... I think i'm prob gonna go with 500GB internal and use an external hard drive for my main storage. Possibly a little more secure if my machine ever decided to crash and i think the machine will run better if i dont load it down. The only thing that is really making me uncertain at this point is the potential software issues? I've seen a few threads that have mentioned different programs that are needed in order for true digital sound to be sent to my receiver and speakers. Then other threads make it sound as though if i have new equipment (sound and video card with HDMI output) that it should just work and the data will be transferred perfectly? I just dont want to spend the money on this build just to find out it will not do what i want it to do!

The computer i just got for free has a digital coax out on it and using VLC player or PowerDVD 9 it will output dts-es or dolby digital-ex to my 7.1 receiver, and its only a 2ghz single core with less than 1bg ram and onboard video. I was playing some 1080p DTS video earlier today and to my amazement it played it with barely a problem at all. Between VLC player and PowerDVD I dont think there is a single video that I cant play.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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