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using Bose lifestyle v30 to convert pal to ntsc

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I have a bose lifestyle V30 which i used in the US till recently. I moved to India where the Cable STB provides an HDMI output in the PAL (50HZ) format but my Samsung LCD only supports NTSC (60HZ) format.

Is there a way for me to use the lifestyle receiver to convert the PAL input to an NTSC output without buying a converter?

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you,
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From what I read it has selectable video formats, either PAL or NTSC. The product manual should state the units capabilities.
hi Mike:

It has selectable formats for output but doesn't seem to have a format for inputs.

Thanks Mike! since i am new to this, would you please recommend the best HDMI input to HDMI output converter. I have a 54" LED screen.
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