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Using convolver universally in HTPC

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I've been reading the forums for a while now, but I can't find an exact answer here or anywhere else. I'm trying to setup my HTPC to do software room correction for anything that comes out of the soundcard. This thread is the closest thing to an answer I've found:


Is anybody successfully doing this? I'm still working on assigning filters for my sub's impulse response. However, I won't know if I did it right unless I find a way to measure the corrected response.

Here's my plan:
1. Choose 'Virtual Audio Cable'- VAC (shareware) as the output for REW.
2. Use ConvolverVST (free) in VSTHost (also free). I should be able to select VAC as the input and my soundcard (SB Audigy 4Pro) as the output.
3. Verify my REW filters and tweak as necessary.
4. Once I'm satisfied with the room correction, I'd set all of my applications and Windows to output to VAC--> ConvolverVST in VSTHost--> Soundcard.

You'd think someone has already done something like this. It seems like the most eloquent solution, since:
  • it's possible to apply filters to the full frequency range
  • I'd be able to use room correction for streaming audio, DVD-A :bigsmile:, etc. instead of just Zoomplayer and JRMC.
  • It would be cheaper than a hardware solution and could be used in a car pc setup as well

Can anyone help?
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This is great information antani. Since I'm also using an HTPC exclusively as my AV source, this may be the next configuration I look at implementing. Thanks for posting.
I'm a little unsure, do I need a Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 HiFi card to get this working correctly? If so, is it because of the simplification the Audiotrak drivers provide in regards to Directwire functionality? And does any of this apply if I'm simply pushing the signal out of the HTPC via component audio to my receiver?

That's 3!
17 more to go. :nerd:
I don't understand exactly what you mean by "component". In order to use the HTPC as an equalizer you need to use the analog 7.1 outputs of the audio card. You cannot use the spdif. By the way HD audio streams cannot go through the spdif and currently there is no audio card with HDMI 7.1 outputs.
By component I meant SPDIF; sorry for the confusion. My receiver calls SPDIF it's "component" audio input. I think it makes sense that the analog outputs need to be used when using the PC as an EQ. Thanks.

When you say HD audio streams can't go through SPDIF I'm not sure I understand? Currently DD5.1 & DTS are passed fine through SPDIF when watching HDTV or DVD's. The receiver auto-detects the signal and switches between Dolby Pro Logic (for SDTV), DD & DTS. The only thing I have to switch to myself is Stereo mode when playing .flac files.

Never mind. I see now that HD Audio is different than the signal that comes across with HDTV. You're talking Blu-ray disc audio (which I have no experience with yet). HD Audio Explained. From what I understand with a little more reading is the SPDIF connection doesn't have enough bandwidth to pass an HD Audio signal.

[EDIT 2]
Here's a great link to an explanation of HD Audio technologies. I would have never guessed that Dolby Digital is a lossy, compressed, format.
[/EDIT 2]
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