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Using convolver universally in HTPC

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I've been reading the forums for a while now, but I can't find an exact answer here or anywhere else. I'm trying to setup my HTPC to do software room correction for anything that comes out of the soundcard. This thread is the closest thing to an answer I've found:


Is anybody successfully doing this? I'm still working on assigning filters for my sub's impulse response. However, I won't know if I did it right unless I find a way to measure the corrected response.

Here's my plan:
1. Choose 'Virtual Audio Cable'- VAC (shareware) as the output for REW.
2. Use ConvolverVST (free) in VSTHost (also free). I should be able to select VAC as the input and my soundcard (SB Audigy 4Pro) as the output.
3. Verify my REW filters and tweak as necessary.
4. Once I'm satisfied with the room correction, I'd set all of my applications and Windows to output to VAC--> ConvolverVST in VSTHost--> Soundcard.

You'd think someone has already done something like this. It seems like the most eloquent solution, since:
  • it's possible to apply filters to the full frequency range
  • I'd be able to use room correction for streaming audio, DVD-A :bigsmile:, etc. instead of just Zoomplayer and JRMC.
  • It would be cheaper than a hardware solution and could be used in a car pc setup as well

Can anyone help?
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Thank you for the link. Maybe the site was down yesterday, when I checked - even at the site you linked to. Or my ISP were making trouble. Today I had no problems accessing it.

Best regards,
I am trying to achieve the universal convolution too but I am unexperienced. Once I measured the room and exported the filters as wav files (mono), I cant obtain a six channel file to use in convolver. If I load the mono wav file I get an error that the file is too large. Any suggestion?

I'm really trying to make convolver work for every sound from windows and I don't know which sound card I should get because:

1 I'm using windows 7

2 I need surround support mainly because of games

It seams the prodigy 7.1 hifi and the 1616m are phased out products and windows 7 support seams dead so I've been looking for alternatives and came across the m-audio 1010lt..

does any user here knows if the 1010lt lets you route 6 wdm channels to 6 asio inputs like "directwire" on the prodigy so I can use vst host and convolver plugin??

thank you for the help.
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141 - 143 of 143 Posts
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