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Using maple butcher block in lieu of mapleshade platforms?

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Has anyone here any experience with using maple isolation blocks and are familiar with Mapleshades. I know they use an air dried maple while a butcher block is kiln dry. Just seeing if anyone has heard the difference between the two.

I can pick up enough 2 1/4" thick maple butcher block to build a 4 rack shelf 36" long for less than $350.

The mapleshades site: http://shop.mapleshadestore.com/departments.asp?dept=46

I'm looking to building my rack this weekend and looking at my options of doing it with maple vs. 1 1/2" MDF.
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Good plan, BMXer241. I think you'll readily find a distinction in the upper registers of black vs white pianos. Moreover, you'll likely be able to differentiate between a hand-varnished laquer and an airbrushed one.


I can't speak from experience about butcher block finishes, or even composition; but I do know that isolation systems make a difference. I use Bright Star Audio products to keep airborne and floorborne vibration away from sensitive CD/LP transports. Their Littlerock/Bigrock products also make noticeable improvements by blocking RF/EMI.

These are not night & day differences, and are noticed much easier after removing them from, rather than adding them to an existing system (all else being equal).
Considered using bamboo? IKEA has some pretty thick, dense bamboo cutting boards. Used in conjunction with some other isolation tools, they offer a pretty good bang for the buck.

And so more expensive bamboo options:


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What are you trying to accomplish? Isolation, damping, or coupling?
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