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Reading through the miniDSP 4x10 HD manual and several of the articles they have, there are references to the plug-ins that show how to create Basic and Advanced cross-overs - advanced using biquads. This seems to be one of the primary uses of REW for miniDSP but I am at a loss as to how it's done. The REW Step by Step guide does not seem to have this step. :blink:

I am using the 4 x 10 with coaxial speakers in an open baffle arrangement with stereo sub-woofers that have their own plate amps. My assumptions at first were that I would have to take near field measurements of the speakers in order to set the cross-overs up and then listening position measurements to set PEQ filters and the like up to correct for some room issues. Now I'm not so sure anymore. :scratch:

Any and all help or direction much appreciated.

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