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Using REW with Digi 002 or Pro Tools?

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Does anyone know how I can set up the software/hardware to run this way? I have a recording studio and use Digi 002 with pro tools. The Digi 002 can also operate in stand-alone mode and because I have my monitor speakers hooked up to it, I'd like to NOT use my computer's sound card unless it's really necessary. How would I set this up?
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There's no reason that it wouldn't work. It has line-in and line-out just like any other soundcard, and so it shouldn't be a problem. (I assume the computer is not a MAC)..

Do you have a specific question?

Hopefully, you have read and are completely familiar with REW Cabling Basics and the REW HELP files.

initial confusion
You are using OS 10.4 on your Mac. REW requires version 10.5 to operate properly.

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