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using room sim i few to find best ratio in a control room

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I have a big room available (total 200 - 250 square meters) the height is 3 meters and I have to enclose a part it of almost the the half of it,
what is the best solution?
to stay in a golden ratio measurement ?

actually there is a ceiling with drywall at 2,70 meters but empty inside and easily removable lets say I can get to 2,9 meters (9,51444 feet)

ps the goal is a control room for techno music production. it IS not going to be studio room an mostly not any live instrument recording.
there are many ratio suggested but if I wanted tour the room sim, considering that the wall are right now raw without any treatment and i don't know either how and where audio monitor and desk will be placed what is the best approach to find the best dimensions?
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This is mainly a home theater forum. You’ll get better answers at a forum for production hobbyists and professionals at a forum like Gearslutz or Tape Op Message Board.


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