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Looking to replace the old long throw projector. The Samsung LSP9T just dropped $1000 (15%) for Labor Day, so I'm playing with the idea; of any UST, really.

One of the configuration requirements is a 15.8" distance from the bottom of the screen to the surface the projector sits on. For me the credenza is 5 inches too high. The screen placement is fixed; sitting on a chair rail and just below the AC outlets. I'd hate to move it. But I could.

The question is, for a UST at a desired 120" size, how much tweaking can be done? I'm unfamiliar with how forgiving a UST will be with focus, angle adjustments, keystone fixes, etc. Will the adjustments have the range to compensate for an unorthodox placement?

To lower the bottom of the picture 5" can I do a combination of the following:

Lift the front end and adjust the keystone?

Can the screen size be oversized to 125"/130" and the distance to the wall be shortened, such that the screen size shrinks to 120" and the bottom throw is lowered?

Or are UST geometry manipulations so sensitive that any non-flat configuration can't be compensated with maximum adjustments? Would that throw off the focus beyond the configurable range for example?

Bonus question now that I think about it: It would uproot our existing center channel speaker on the credenza. Would it be possible to use the projector as the center channel while maintaining the rest of my 11.2 set up?
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