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We completed version 2 of our theater room about 18 months ago. The room is about 16.5 x 17.5 with 8.5 foot ceilings. We have 4 Berkline theater seats, and a popcorn machine in there. Beyond that it's just AV equipment.

Projector - JVC RS35
Screen - SMX ProLine 120" width - 2.35:1 with Pro Panels for 16:9 viewing.
Processor - Emotiva UMC-1
Amp 1 - Emotiva XPA-2
Amp 2 - Emotiva XPA-5
L/C/R - CHT Pro/Sho-10's
Surrounds - AV123 RSC300's
Subs - AV123 MFW15's (2) stacked
Blueray - Panasonic BD85
DirecTV HR25
DirecTV HR24 - 2TB external drive (network)
Sage TV HD300
Windows Home Server - 8TB (network)
XBox 360

Best purchases:

Flat black specialty theater paint for front wall and ceiling - $50. It soaks up light as well as the black hole velvet SMX screen frame.
CHT Pro/Sho 10's - they love reference levels.
SMX screen. I decided to go bigger and get the 120 inch width 2:35 screen, and can't imagine going any smaller now.

And because were never really done - current challenges:

Duct work and hollow core double door rattles when the sub woofers get rocking.
UMC-1 may not be calibrating the system optimally.
Projector might need calibration. It's not looking as sharp as when I got it.
I'd like to move the ported MFW15's up into the family room as it's much more open up there and the MFW's look great.
I'd like to replace them with some sealed CHT18.2's, or one or two of their new releases.
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