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UXL Group Buy-The Sequel

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Some of you may have heard whispers in the dark corners of AVS that there was going to be another UXL group buy... I'm pleased to announce that those rumors are true! The only caveat is that we need commitments, and eventually deposits, for 60 drivers. 60 will be the minimum order. Without that number the group buy won't happen and the UXL may not return for some time. With the deposits, Mark will be able to acquire all the parts he needs to begin a production run and get the UXL's shipped out.

The group buy price in CAD will be $460 including taxes and shipping. For you lucky ones south of the Canadian border, the price will be $400 USD including taxes and shipping.

Please use this thread to leave a comment with how many UXL's you would like. After doing that, you will then need to PM me your name and email. Once we have a commitment for 60 UXL's, I will pass your info along to Mark and he will take things from there to collect deposits and begin production soon after. The deposits will be 50% of the value whether CAD or USD. Mark will then collect the balance just before shipment.

I've created this post with the approval of Mark and hope to keep this as the information hub for the group buy. As I receive updates I will post them here and will also keep a list of how many commitments we have and from whom.

UPDATE - January 17th
Price for our American friends will be $400 USD to avoid having to adjust for the tanking Canadian dollar when delivery starts.

UPDATE - January 17th
As of right now we're going to cap it at 60. These first 60 are guaranteed. You can continue to put your name on the list if you like and you'll be put on the overflow list. Those on the overflow list are a maybe. Mark's going to buy enough parts to make over 60 but exactly how many over 60 he'll end up with is still an unknown. And, as with all things, there will be a few people who have to back out for whatever reason. The people on the overflow list will bump up and fill the spots of those who back out.

This group buy filled up much faster than I think any of us could have anticipated! Since it has pretty much all been over the weekend, Mark didn't have the chance to order the parts early like he had hoped he could. Monday morning he will order what he needs and start assembling what he can to get ahead. Once the other parts arrive production will start. Expect it to be about 45 days before he has all of the materials and can start assembly. It shouldn't be too long after that until we start seeing drivers ship

2 - Devon
2 - Fattykidd
2 - asarose247
4 - dmoney76
2 - Niavlys
1 - Overland
2 - irchow
4 - tsloms
2 - chrisslone
4 - Pain Infliction
2 - BrutalBodyShots
2 - markymiles
4 - cmryan
2 - andersa
2 - kmhvbal
2 - AVSF458
4 - vitod
2 - Brian Fineberg
4 - TMcG
2 - gpmbc
4 - raynist
1 - Sean MC

Total = 60 We're full!

3 - Sean MC
2 - d_c
1 - RH55
2 - Shadowed
2- MrSmithers
2 - SageFly
1 - homeskizzle
2 - MajorCanuck
2 - video1
2 - likelinus
2 - dlozy

Total = 21

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Id be keen on next group buy if there is a new Zealand option.
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