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Value Electronics' 10th Annual TV Shootout is Set to Crown the "King of HD/UHD TV"

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It’s hard to put a price on ratings information and expert evaluations, especially when it comes to big-ticket items like flat panel displays. Enthusiasts shopping for new displays can spend days – even weeks – reading reviews, combing through threads on A/V forums, and visiting store showrooms…but rarely do they have an opportunity to test, evaluate, and compare flagship models side-by-side (let alone through the eyes of experts). For the past nine years, Home Theater Shack sponsor and independent audio and video retailer Value Electronics (ValueElectronics.com) has been hosting an incredible Television Shootout evaluation event pitting the latest TVs from top manufacturers against one another. This year, they’re hosting it again, making this the 10th annual event to crown “King of HD/UHD TV.” The event is being held in Value Electronics’ Scarsdale, NY location on Saturday August 16 and Sunday August 17, 2014.

Robert Zohn (Center), Founder and President of Value Electronics

This year’s evaluation will be lead by Kevin Miller who is a charter member of the Image Science Foundation (ISF) and an industry consultant. Other expert evaluators will include DeWayne Davis (video specialist) and David Mackenzie (reviewer). The trio will calibrate and test Shootout televisions, and will explain their findings (including contrast ratio, peak brightness, black level, color accuracy, color saturation, motion resolution and energy efficiency) in a series of individual presentations. Not ignoring the industry manufacturers, representatives from each company have been invited to present their products’ unique technologies and strengths.

Following each presentation, a Q&A session will allow attendees to ask the experts questions.

Value Electronics has been careful to include the latest and greatest in new models and technologies during past events and this year is no different. Evaluators will have access to curved and flat HD and 4K Ultra HD LED and OLED televisions.

“Our Shootout has proven to be a ‘must attend’ event among true enthusiasts and industry leaders each year, demonstrating how the premium TVs perform and compete with each other,” said Robert Zohn, founder and president of Value Electronics. Zohn added that several manufacturers are expected to discuss future technologies and products in their respective company pipelines.

Seating at the event is available for both consumers and media representatives and will be capped at 60 attendees. Seats will be reserved on a first-come first-serve basis. Interested parties should contact Robert Zohn by emailing [email protected]. If you’re a consumer, consider this to be the world’s best buying advice event – something you won’t find anywhere else.

Home Theater Shack is looking forward to revealing findings from the event some time in October 2014.

Image Credit: Value Electronics
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good to see you here Robert. Are u still in business
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