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Value Electronics 2015 TV Shootout evaluation event

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The mother of all TV Shootouts is heating up as the world's best TVs for 2015 begin to arrive at Value Electronics

The latest and best full array QDOT vs OLED and not just any old LCD/LED, like Sony's well respected tried and true TRILUMINOS™, Samsung's new full array Nano Crystal, LG's 2015 Nano Spectrum, Sharp's Beyond 4K, the LC-70UH30U also comes equipped with SPECTROS™ locally dimmed QDOT technology all in one room against LG's 2015 4K OLED,65EG9600 and the flat 4K OLED EF9500.

Here's a close up of Samsung's UN65JS9500 next to LG's 77EG9700 OLED o our TV Shootout wall.

And here's one of the entire TV Shootout wall.

More images here.

Let the games begin and enjoy!

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Sounds really great. Can't wait. I'll be emailing you Robert. I think having 4 TVs, and maybe last years winners, I don't know if that is the plan, will actually make the event more manageable. It was great seeing so many large TVs last year, but it made it a little awkward, especially the 110" curved Samsung.

Robert, some of the TVs in the shootout will be capable of showing HDR content. After hearing from Joe Kane on HDR's potential, I am excited to see some HDR. I know content may be hard to come by, but is there any possibility of getting some HDR content from your industry contacts to show off these magnificent TVs, even if not part of the actual competition?:praying:
Thanks again Robert for holding this great event, and inviting me. I enjoyed it as always. It was a little different being at CE Week instead of VE, but it worked. The room was very spacious and easy for people to get up and walk around, and being in the basement, with the black curtains, it was sufficiently dark. Of course, it wasn't quite as homey as when it is at the store. Even though some sessions went over time, it was positively speedy compared to some past shootouts, which is good for keeping on time and making progress, but misses some of the discussion by the calibrators and extended discussions of each set. Tradeoffs.

In past years, you had mentioned the possibility of doing a second shootout later in the year when some of the later flagships are out to compare with the best TVs in the early part of the year. I wonder if you have given any thought to that this year, with the Sharp flagship supposed to come out soon, and the perennially promised Vizio Reference series with FALD and Dolby Vision HDR supposed to make its debut before the end of the year. And I believe Panasonic has its top TV coming later in the year that is supposed to be a higher model than the CX850 that was at the shootout. Would be interesting, and would have the benefits of the shootout at CE Week, plus the benefits of the shootout at the store. I know it's a big undertaking, and crazy to do, but I wouldn't have mentioned it if you didn't float the idea of a later shootout in years past.

As always, it was good to see and your daughters at the shootout. I hope Wendy was attending to business at the store and couldn't be at the shootout for that reason, and she is doing well.
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