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Value Electronics' 9th annual Shootout event

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Our 2013 Flat Panel HDTV Shootout evaluation event will be held in our new store at 35 Popham Rd, Scarsdale, NY as follows:

Day one, 6:00 PM EST, Friday, May 10th and Day two, 6:00 PM EST, Saturday, May 11th 2013.

We'll have up to 70 individuals attending and participating so if you are interested please send me an email with the subject "can I have a seat at VE's 2013 Shootout." The event will also be webcast live in HD and moderated by our staff. Select questions and comments will be passed to our panel of experts for reply.

Our Shootout has proven to be a ‘must attend’ event among true HD enthusiasts and industry leaders, and this year the Shootout has continued to gain in popularity so you can expect to see many of the top industry VIPs participating. With the great advancements of LED and PDP technologies, this will be a great year for flat panel displays.

Many big announcements and surprises are planned so if you are not attending in person be sure to mark your calendar so you can participate online with our HD webcast.


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Okay HTS members I need your advice about an important decision pertaining to our Shootout evaluation event. Here's my dilemma...

I had planned on putting in Sony's HX950, but unfortunately Sony has discontinued that model. So our choices are the 4k UHD X900A or Sony's highest end 1080p full HD W802A.

The dilemma is that the Shootout has only flagship series, but if we put the X900A it will be the only 4k UHD panel in the event and that's kind of unfair to all of the other displays.

My tentative decision is to put the highest-end W802A 1080p on the Shootout wall to compete with all of the other 1080p displays, but to also have the 4k UHD X900A on an adjacent wall just to show it off and do a brief comparison with the same Shootout wall content, but not to include it in the Shootout evaluation.

I can't post on AVS Forum or HDJ, but I will post this on Blu-ray.com and HDF as I would love to have as many a/v enthusiasts' feedback as possible.

Thanks for your help.

I think your tentative decision is a good one Robert - just make sure that everyone knows up front why the 4k unit is there and you should be golden IMO.
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