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Value Electronics' 9th annual Shootout event

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Our 2013 Flat Panel HDTV Shootout evaluation event will be held in our new store at 35 Popham Rd, Scarsdale, NY as follows:

Day one, 6:00 PM EST, Friday, May 10th and Day two, 6:00 PM EST, Saturday, May 11th 2013.

We'll have up to 70 individuals attending and participating so if you are interested please send me an email with the subject "can I have a seat at VE's 2013 Shootout." The event will also be webcast live in HD and moderated by our staff. Select questions and comments will be passed to our panel of experts for reply.

Our Shootout has proven to be a ‘must attend’ event among true HD enthusiasts and industry leaders, and this year the Shootout has continued to gain in popularity so you can expect to see many of the top industry VIPs participating. With the great advancements of LED and PDP technologies, this will be a great year for flat panel displays.

Many big announcements and surprises are planned so if you are not attending in person be sure to mark your calendar so you can participate online with our HD webcast.


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We're opening registration to forum members to attend and participate in our 9th annual Flat Panel Shootout Evaluation. The Shootout will be held at our new Scarsdale, NY store at 6pm, Friday, May 10th and 6pm, Saturday, May 11th.

Participants who are selected can attend either day, but not both days as seats are limited.

Send me an email if you are interested in attending.


I would have LOVED to go but Robert, as you know, I will be getting off a cruise ship in Los Angeles on the day of the Shootout.

Very discouraging. Personally, don't tell my wife, I would rather be in Scarsdale, New York at 6pm on the 10th of May.

I will anxiously be waiting to see all the numbers.
I wonder if Robert will post the panasonic discount mentioned last night:). Otherwise the phones are going to be busy for sure.
Robert said that one had to call to get that info.
I know but we can keep secrets right? How was the cruise by the way?
B- one

It was great, thanks.

Went through the Panama Canal, touched Aruba, Columbia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Guatemala was very hot and very, very humid. While my wife was shopping, I found a small bar in the shopping area that was air conditioned, with lounge chairs. A perfect spot to sit and have a cold beer while the women shopped. A husband's dream spot in such a climate.

Got home just in time to watch the Shootout. Not as good as being there but a lot better then missing all together.

Yes, we can keep a secret. If you call Robert and find out what the secret gift is, post it. We won't tell any one else.
Hi all, thanks for the very kind remarks!

Tonight is a must see event. The special guests are very very special and I don't want anyone to miss this evenings event. If you go to the link now you can see last night's event, tonight's Shootout evaluation starts at 6PM EST. Here's the live HD webcast url.


Already sitting at my computer waiting
Guys, any news about this year winner? It seems that last year's event better organised as concern the final results...
Everyone was up extremely late last night. Let them sleep in. It's Sunday. Maybe they went to church.
Pulled the trigger on a f8500 64 inch with there calibration setup today Robert made the transaction quick and painless he told me there is new firmware update soon and would ship the panel out after that to get the best cal results they can:):).

Ditto with me.

Now that I no longer need to read, view and search out TV's, I won't have anything to do. Life might get a little boring until I discover the next thing to research.
Thanks, B-one. Perhaps Robert could chime in on what the next update entails. :)
Without really knowing for sure, there is a possibility that it has something to do with light pops in 3D.
There have been some reports of floating blacks too I would like to see addressed.
I could be wrong but weren't the floating black problem fixed with the last up date???????
To my understanding, that fixed (to a large degree) the brightness pops people were seeing. A separate issue.
Possible so.
I believe Samsung is on the 3D brightness pop issue now.
That is what I had in my mind. But my mind has not been that good lately.
Maybe a free trophy with purchase:). I could see it on one of my speakers.
I had to go back and take another look. You are right. It would look good.

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New display should arrive Friday!!!!!
Did you order from VE?
Yes when they called they said it was being calibrated and thought I would get it early next week. They called right back to let me know it should arrive on Friday only problem for me is my shelf to go over center channel isn't ready this is the stand we bought with a spare tv on it.
Mine should not be too far behind.

I am like you. When it arrives, I won't be able to use it. I will pull out the 55" that is in the cabinet and then I will have to build a sturdy wall inside the cabinet to hang the mount on. After it arrives, It will take a few days for the wall is ready for the TV
I was going to wall mount but was worried my daughter would knock the center channel down if it was sitting on the spare speakers stands we have. Now I can put our equipment in the stand and I really like having the center channel up it smacks us right in the face now with our old set up it was only about 12 inches off the floor now it's 32 inches off the floor.
Exciting. Let me know when it arrives
Received a note from Robert...

Hi Jim,

Your beautiful 64" F8500 shipped today and will be delivered on Monday, June, 10th. I'll email you the YRC tracking PRO # and customer service phone # tomorrow.

Thanks for all you do for us and giving me the opportunity to earn your business!




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Congrats now we'll see who uses there's first
Just received a call from the transport company asking if I will be home this Monday the 10th.

That was FAST. Robert said today, Thursday the 4th, that is was being shipped. That same day I got a call saying Monday is the delivery day.

5 days from the time it went to be shipped until delivery.

Simply amazing.

How amazing? let me give you a comparison...

On May 14th, 2013 the state of California put into the mail a check that they owed me. I received it today, Thursday, June 6th. That letter took 24 days to come from Northern California to Southern California, about 400 miles.

When I was younger and rode a bicycle, I did ride that distance in two days. One time, I was actually on a team of four riders that was in a distance contest to see how far we could go in 24 hours. I was fast at short distances, So, I let the pace until I burnt out at 200 miles. The remaining three continued on. Dropping the third at 300 miles and the remaining two covered 400 miles in 22 hours.

Boy, the post office is slow.

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My delivery was just pushed back to Monday. :(. Could not have set it up anyways, now we wait.

I am near Temecula in So. Cal. Where are you?
Since we are getting it on the same day, I thought "wouldn't that be wild if both were on the same truck"
It's here!!!!!:).
You lucky guy!

I have to wait all day maybe into the late afternoon for delivery. I sit here, dong nothing, waiting.
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