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Value Electronics Finds a New Venue for the the 2015 Flat Panel Shootout

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Value Electronics’ Annual Flat Panel Shootout has embedded itself as a respected review component in the AV world. This coming week, the event is entering its 11th year, but newness is in the air; Robert Zohn (Owner, Value Electronics) and crew are moving the event to CE Week in New York City.

Yes, the Shootout is leaving the friendly confines of the independent AV retailer’s store and is venturing into the bowels of the City That Never Sleeps. The shootout will take place on CE Week’s show floor in downtown Manhattan from Wednesday June 24 through Thursday June 25. This kind of exposure is big for the event, and will undoubtedly help to gain the attention of more media and casual observers. We’ve had an opportunity to touch-base with Robert Zohn during the past few weeks, and he’s excited about the prospects of holding the event in such a large venue.

This year, Home Theater Shack will be in attendance. So stay tuned for boots-on-ground-coverage of the Shootout and the greater show at large. There are quite a few AV manufacturers scheduled to have show space, and we’ll keep you up to date on any big news or product information that is of relevance to the Home Theater world.

The 2015 Shootout should be especially interesting because both curved and flat 4K Ultra HD TVs (LCD and OLED) will be squaring off for the crown of “King of TV.” Specific models have been revealed, and they include: LG’s 65EG9600 (curved OLED UHDTV), Samsung’s UN78JS9500 (curved LCD UHDTV), Panasonic’s TC-65CX850U (flat LCD UHDTV), and Sony’s XBR-75X940C (flat LCD UHDTV). Noticeably absent are any standard 1080P models (which won the crown last year).

On Wednesday June 24, Rob Sabin (Editor-In-Chief of Sound and Vision Magazine) will perform technical presenter duties, describing the evaluation process and new technologies to attendees. Scott Wilkinson will perform the same duties on Thursday June 25. All four participating televisions will be judged on contrast ratio, peak brightness, black level, color accuracy, color saturation, motion resolution, lag input time, and energy efficiency. Media for the testing will include content from Blu-ray players, a 4K media server, and 4K streaming.

Anyone interested in attending the event should contact Robert Zohn at [email protected].

Image Credits: CE WEEK, Value Electronics, Samsung
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Looking forward to it, Robert! :T
Jim, I'll check with Robert to see if streaming will in fact take place.
He said that it was but things do change, thanks
Yes, he did... hopefully will hear back from him soon!

Looks like streaming is only a maybe at the moment. Robert is working to make it happen, but it's very possible that it won't happen. I'll update here if I find out any more info.

The Shootout and accompanying events were the highlight of CE Week yesterday. I was able to attend the HDR demo and discussion in addition to 1-3/4 of the shootouts (had to step out of the latter part of the second). I'll be stopping by to hear a Hi-Res Audio demo (AIX) today and then heading home.

Robert and crew deserve incredibly high marks for the work they've done and the industry influencers they've brought into the mix. :T
Jim - the HDR demo was great. I'll publish an HDR article next week (covering what was discussed).. Tomorrow I'm publishing an addendum to the Onkyo article from earlier this week.

HDR has a ton of promise but a lot needs to happen (standards, new content creation, delivery, and display) to make it all happen.
The results of the evaluation are in: LG's OLED set wins. We'll have a full write-up Monday! Go to HTS's Facebook page to see the results by the numbers.
My take isn't too dissimilar...

I just published my coverage article here.
Jim...I moved our conversation over here to the results report, thought some folks interested in the results might want to partake!
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