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Value Electronics HDTV Shootout Results

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Here's the link to download the .pdf file from the results of the audience's ballots of the two shoot-out event days.

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Attached are all the first set of Pre and Post calibration reports in pdf format. Contrast ratio pdf included as well.
Thanks for posting.
Yes, we had my personal PRO-141FD at the shoot-out and everyone agreed it would have won if we permitted the audience to vote on it.

However, the new Elite delivers a much brighter and much lower MLL so to say the 141FD would have won is a good guess, but certainly not a shoe-in.

What setting is the 141 on? ISF Day? ISF Night? Pure?
Good to know. I know the Kuros can be calibrated higher than 35 ftls. So if they are all set to 35 ftls, then there would be no brightness differential.

I believe the Pioneer Elite Kuro 141 can be calibrated to a black level of .0005 ftls, with the Sharp Elite to .0004 ftls?

The Sharp Elite can be calibrated to a retina-searing light output (if you find that necessary), a .0001 edge in black level, and 3D (which wasn't a judging criteria at the shootout).

The Pioneer Elite Kuro has better gamma, grayscale tracking, and color accuracy than the Sharp Elite, and no off-axis issues.

IMO, the Pioneer Elite Kuro is still tops (but no longer available).
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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