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ValueElectronics's Official CES Tour Information

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Stay tuned to this thread to learn what I see and hear at the press conferences and CES show floor from the top executives and engineers at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Have questions, but, can't make it to CES? Give me your suggestions and I'll ask for you. Give me your wish list and questions and I'll do my best to find out.

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Re: ValueElectronics's official CES tour

I want to know if any TV producers are actually going to have a OLED set (>32") in production in the next couple of years.
Re: ValueElectronics's official CES tour

Mike, I will report on the progress of OLED at CES 2012, but I think we'll learn more from the 4/16-19/12 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Las Vegas Conference, which I will also be reporting from.

Re: ValueElectronics's official CES tour

will you ask Panasonic if they are coming out with a new 85VX200 in 2012 and any tech info would be appreciated.

Re: ValueElectronics's official CES tour

this should be an awesome thread
Re: ValueElectronics's official CES tour

will you ask Panasonic if they are coming out with a new 85VX200 in 2012 and any tech info would be appreciated.

Panasonic's Professional Group already has the 85" VX200 series 3D pdp display. The 2012 successor is expected to be announced at NAB on 4/12/12 at the International Las Vegas NV convention, which I will also be reporting on HTS from the show floor.

this should be an awesome thread
Thanks tazz3, I plan on making this the go-to thread/site for the latest and greatest insider information from CES 2012.

Stay tuned......

thank you Robert for the info.

have a good time at CES
Thank you stillen. I love CES and Las Vegas so a great time is highly anticipated and expected.

I'll be launching a new site the day before CES starts 1/9/11 just after I attend all of the press conferences. But don't expect to see the new site till in the late afternoon as it's a long day of press conferences. I'll be posting pictures and copies of the press releases and possibly some video of the press conferences.

My new site will announce the new breaking technologies, and have behind the scenes interviews with the top technical insiders from most companies and extend first allocation buying opportunities.

Just nine days till we find out what's on tap for us in the 2012 CE model year.

Arrived in Las Vegas late last night to get the best possible jump on what's happening and new for 2012 in CE. David Katzmaier, CNET's senior editor was on the flight with me and we had a nice discussion.

Tomorrow the press conferences start at 8 AM and go through the day and then a big CES party for HES-PRO dealers, which I'll be attending.

This is a very exciting few days with a full agenda of "work hard, play hard" times.

Here's two site to check out.

First. is LG's link to their CES press conference; scheduled for 1/9/12 at 8 AM PST.

Second, is Panasonic's link to their CES press conference scheduled for 1/9/12 at 3 PM PST.

Try not to miss these two very important announcements. You must log in at the exact times I listed above to see and hear these events live.


Here's a link to Sharp's press releases so everyone can learn about all of the new stuff from Sharp Electronics for 2012 and beyond, like 8k technology.

Nothing new on the Elite line, except for a new THX app called, THX Media Director that will be available on Elite TV via a firmware upgrade later this year. So the PRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD are the 2012 series. No 80" Elite or any other changes in the Elite line up.

No news on the color fix or waiving background, but I am scheduled for a meeting with the top engineers from Japan later this week. So stay tuned.
LG announced the 55" OLED. Super thin, 4mm thick and weighs only 16.5 lbs. Productions is scheduled for the end of Q3 '12. No price yet.

Voice and body control will be integrated into high-end 2012 Smart TVs.

The appliances look great and have very advanced features.

Nothing new on the Elite line, except for a new THX app called, THX Media Director that will be available on Elite TV via a firmware upgrade later this year. So the PRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD are the 2012 series. No 80" Elite or any other changes in the Elite line up.
Thanks for the update Robert. That looks like a nice free feature add. If I understand the THX site description correctly, one would need a new supported receiver and BR player for this all to work?

Hopefully, the fact the current model will stay in place as the 2012 bodes well for the cyan fix.

Enjoy Las Vegas!
Okay ladies and gents, here's the new site I promised. It's packed with everything you want to know about Panasonic's 2012 pdps.

More to come tomorrow so check back.

Have a great trip Robert! Make sure you play some slots/cards while you're out there, but don't over do it! ;) The Sharp press conference was pretty good. What did you think of the new 80" 3D LED TV they displayed? They noted the quad pixel plus 2 improving the experience. Did you notice any major improvement in this area? Depending on what I hear about CES 2012, I may upgrade my bedroom TV with a 55". It's such a difference between my Elite to my bedroom TV that it's disturbing. lol

BTW, make sure to take Sharp's Japanese engineers' airplane tickets away and not let them leave without fixing the cyan issue and the flash issue! haha
Thanks ^^ Mike, I'll follow your good advice! At the press conference you can't get close enough to the TVs to evaluate them and most are engineering samples, not final production.

I'll report back here this evening after my long day on the show floor.

OK, Robert, let's get some news here ... I'm bored, I only have a 32" Vizio to look at, and you're probably ogling and gambling out there :spend: ... :foottap:

And, the cyan issue has reached Category 5 status over at AVS ... :help: :boxer: :paddle: :gulp: :eek: :yikes: :hsd:
Just got back to my hotel this moment. Lot's of news to share. Today I spent most of my time with the major TV manufacturers.

First, Sharp top execs told me Elite is here to stay and they are very happy with the sales that are outpacing the actual forecaster production. They have no plans on any price reductions and the model year will stay as is so we can expect the next generation to launch by September 2012 and will likely be 60", 70" and 80".

They also told me the 945, which is expected in late June or July, 2012 is not designed to compete with the flagship Elite series as it have far less local dimming zones, no IVS, and a lower grade video processor. Of course, no THX verification, no THX mode or ISF modes.

Here's my take on the two 55" OLED TVs. Samsung and LG showed 55" OLED TVs that look beautiful. Electrical efficiency is similar to LCD, but not as efficient as LCD/LED TVs. Samsung is using individual Red, Green and Blue pixels; LG utilizes white OLEDs and has filters to generate the colors.

To my eyes Samsung's OLED produced a better pq, but I'm concerned about the reliability as Blue OLED is not as reliable as LG's White OLED scheme. So although performance looks like it goes to Samsung in this space, reliability may be in LG's court. Price and screen size will also limit the saleability of this new emerging technology. So my suggestion is don't be an early adapter, lets see how it goes and consider gen 2.

Of all of the plasma offerings, I strongly endorse Panasonic's plasma's. Panasonic's 2012 line looks stunning. 50% brighter and about 15% blacker with stunning color saturation and what looks like absolutely perfect motion resolution.

Panasonic redesigned the entire 2012 line-up. New plasma glass panels, new drive scheme, new internal video processor and they upped the gradation 5 times yielding about 25,000 shades of grey. And the new design is simply beautiful. The VT50 has a very slim hidden bezel beneath the single sheet of glass. The depth is less than 1.5" and the new slim 8 speaker system with three built-in amplifiers deliver great TV audio and without the bottom bump-out that was in the 2011 model year.

Panasonic also introduced several new 47" and 55" LCD/LED TVs with their second generation IPS panels and these new entries deliver a great image quality in another beautiful overall design. Very slim and sleek with a ultra small bezel. These new LCD/LED TVs look appealing and I must say the only thing that looks better than the great new design is the very well respected pq.

Panasonic is no slough in the Interactive and Social Networking apps. All Viera Connect series have built-in web browsers and more Internet apps that you could imagine for every possible person's tastes and interests. Here's a list of the new 2012 apps, this is in addition to the large suite of apps that launched in 2011.

Disney Books, Plaz Jam, Red Karaoke, iFit, Vimeo, MySpace TV, Snag TV, Miramax, Fixter, Cosmoh, Let's Golf 2, Uno, Play Jam, Black Jack Royal, Brain Trainer, Shoutcast Radio, Chess Challenge, Zap Trap, Mahjong Fruits, Rock Swap, Mongrels, Adventures, Solitaire, developer site, web browser and much more.

My prediction is Panasonic will take a commanding lead in pdp and LCD sales in their entry, mid and certainly the high-end displays for the 2012 model year.

Toshiba, showed a few very nice high-end TVs. The L7200 Cinema Series looked nice and the 4K resolution glasses free 3D display looks great in 2D with 1080p content. My good friends at Toshiba took me past the barrier that keeps the CES attendees from a very close up look so I can see the 4k panel with 1920 x 1080 content and I could barely see the pixel structure even with a manufacturing glass.

Although it's very cool to see 3D without glasses the limit of nine viewing positions and the greatly reduced resolution does not come close to what the top two (Elite and VT50) premium 3D TV makes are doing.

All in all a very nice product offering from Toshiba.

Tomorrow I'm back for another long day and I hope to get to some of the audio and accessory exhibits.

Any questions or comments?


PS, I'll be updating my Facebook page and new site regularly so for more CES new product information check out my three sites often.
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Thank you, Robert! Get some rest and do find time to enjoy yourself! We won't bug you anymore ...
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