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hey guys, need some opinions on this pls.
I really wanted the PB-12Plus/PB-12NSD but don't have the space nor the approval from the missus for any of those but lucky enough Pb10NSD survived the selection criteria :)

Hence came up with a few other options as per the title.

Now all these 3 options are around in the same price range for me here in oz .
The size of the living area is around 2800cuft ( including the kitchen that opens up towards the living ) . And due to space constraints, I don't think I'd have the flexibility of moving the sub around to find its sweet-spot. Therefore I assumed a certain level of eq-ing was quite essential in blending the sub into my living which explains the NSD+AS-EQ1 combo.

Which one should I go for ? This is gonna be for movie primarily so the usual "slam" and "punch" are given the highest priority :R

Would it be possible for the new SVS SB-12Plus to be better then the ported 10 NSD ?

The replies much appreciated.

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