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Hi everyone,

I am looking at room acoustics and was referred to room eq wizard by Frank from gikacoustics for measuring frequency data. And I will be needing some help on that. I listens mainly in 2 channels and have the following equipments:

Mains: pair of VMPS RM40s
Surround: pair of VMPS 626Rs ( currently not used, Home theater will be a later project)
Sub: VMPS Larger
Amps: Pair of NUFORCE REF9 V2 SE monoblocks for the mains, Part Express (dayton) 1000W sub amp for Larger.
Music source: SONOS
DAC: Bryston BDA1
Preamp: Bryston BP 26
Interconnects and Speaker Cables: Audioquest
Power cords: Harmonic Tech fantasy 10

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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