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vertical stabilizer circuit board id 53HX71

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I have a Toshiba rear projection tv model # 53HX71, sn 57908130, chassis # TAC0158.
I would like help in identifying the circuit board that would have the vertical stabilizer circuitry on it.
A rusted out vacuum e tech asking for your help. :)
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Thanks for the help. I will be procuring at Digikey. A guy there named Eric was really helpful in identification of my parts etc.
When desoldering the old caps add some fresh solder to help. The solder on the board is low or no lead content and is very hard to get to release. If you add some 63/37 (preferred because of the lower melting point) or 60/40 lead solder it will lower the melting point and add the resin from the core and melt the existing solder much more easily.
Thank you for the tips all. I have ordered parts and tools. We shall see. :)
Hi, I finally got the time to go after the cap replacements on the hyper mod board today. I replaced all 10 & 22 smt caps and my installation was very rough to say the least. I ended up ripping loose a couple of solder pads on the board. :( I soldered jumpers to get the new caps installed. I am very pleased to say that the tv is working great at this moment. lcaillo knows his stuff. Thank you very much for your time and effort and guidance.
Congratulations on your success! Yes lcaillo is the man
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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