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That is a good card (nVidia chip family). Be sure it has HDCP (I think it does) so it will make various hi def DVD (HD DVD and Blu-ray) players happy.

The DVI to HDMI adapter will work fine.

nVidia also has a control center thingy that gets installed for user tweaking, etc.

Vista 32 should be even better since nVidia is more up to date with Vista drivers than legacy XP drivers. Better DirectX ver 10 compatibility.

You most likely will need to run a S/PDIF (coax or optical Toslink) from your computer to your AVR (Audio/Visual Receiver) or 5.1 computer speakers (like Logitech, etc) for sound. Sometimes the coaxial S/PDIF is on a 1/8" subminiature jack for the computer sound card -- check your computer sound card docs.
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