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Vintage sub-woofer

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I have a vintage subwoofer from the 70s before receivers had a pre-out for an active sub. It's designed to sit between the speaker outputs on the receiver and the speakers. So it has left and right inputs and left and right outputs to my front speakers. I attach it to my receiver front speaker outputs and then attach the front speakers to the outputs on the my sub. This arrangement requires a good amount of power. Not every receiver can drive them properly.
I would like to get a subwoofer amp and turn it into an quasi active amp using the pre-out from my receiver. But no sub amp really fits because my sub has right and left inputs (basically a pass through to my front speakers, right?). Here are my questions:

1. Can I connect the output of a sub amp to just one input on the sub?
2. Can I split the speaker wire from a sub amp and attach it to both R and L inputs on the sub?

3. Can I use a small amp that's designed as a full range amp with R and L outputs to power my vintage sub?

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