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Thanks for the review. My daughter (2.5 years) and my friend's kid (4.5 years) watched this the other night. We parents were all in the same room, but I admit that I was not paying close attention to the story line of the movie. I did get the gist of it, though. This daughter is my oldest, so we are learning what she can or should watch as we go along.

Now, clearly, this movie is aimed directly at kids. It's animated, it's cute and it's got a solid "G" rating. My question is this: Is this movie really appropriate for a little kid? The concept of a world that's clearly abandoned either through a post-apocalyptic scenario, or through a contamination scenario is a difficult thing to explain to a child. I don't mind explaining things like war, death, famine, etc., but is it something that's correct for this age? Or perhaps should the movie have a "PG" rating? I'm not a prude or a ninny, and I'm not overprotective of my children. I'll probably let her watch it again on Thanksgiving, and I'll try to get a better understanding of the story line. However, my friend and I both agreed that although the movie didn't contain any "language", "dialogue", "sex" or "violence" that would preclude it from getting "G" rating, can or should a story line's concept cause a movie to have a harsher rating.

Of course, in the end, it's all up to the parents as to what a child should be allowed to watch, and my wife and I take full responsiblity for that (which is partially why I'm bringing up the topic). I'm intereseted to hear other parent's thoughts on this subject.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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