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Just a few words of introdutiom. I'm an older guy who still likes to play with toys,something about doing things that someone might say can't be done or they would'nt waste their time on. I want to thank everyone in advance who offer assistance with any, and all proplems I might post about. I went to a trade school for Electronics a while back unfortunately I did'nt graduate. That did not curve my curiousity. That being said hope my experience at this forum is a good one. Thanks Again!!:eek:lddude:
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Welcome to the Shack!
Welcome to HTS. Really glad to have you with us.
Hello and welcome aboard! :wave:
Hi manstoblame and welcome..
"I'm an older guy who still likes to play with toys"..Me too..:eek:lddude:
Hello and welcome to the Home Theatre Shack :T
thanks seems like an informative site should be hanging out here a lot
Welcome, I'm sure you'll find lots of other old coots to learn from and teach - I might even be one of them (someday). :eek:lddude:
Hello and Welcome to HTS.
Welcome!! :)
Welcome to the Shack. Have Fun. Dennis
Welcome to the Shack!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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