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I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone on this site, just reading the posts here has increased my room acoustics knowledge dramatically, though I still consider myself very much a NOOB :).

I have a reinforced concrete cyclone shelter / music room which has some modes & standing waves which need taming.

Last week I installed the Superchunk bass trap in one corner and it has done wonders to the overall sound, I took REW readings before and after and I can see the difference especially between 45 - 150hz but it's the ears that really appreciate how dramatically we have improved the sound.

The Waterfall taken with our main vocal mic, a Rode Classic 2 placed in the centre of the room. ( I still haven't worked out how to manually calibrate it yet, I am sure there was an article in here somewhere). For these first measurements I am trying to tame the worst room modes first, then we will do the fine tuning with a better measurement mic. I consistantly get these same peaks and resonances wherever i place the mic, and whatever volume I test at.

Room Dimensions
Length : 4.85 mtrs
Width : 4.3 mtrs
Height : 2.4 mtrs

According to the Room Sim my worst standing waves are
30 - 40 hz Length / Width
70 - 80 hz Length / Width / Height
100 - 200 all of the above
Which matches the waterfall.

So now I have frequencies to target. I will be Building DIY traps and treatment so any advice on type of treatment would be appreciated.

The bare concrete ceiling will be a challenge and i am not sure how to approach it, I imagine suspended bass/mid traps will be the go. Any thoughts?

We have storage shelves at the back that are reasonably full of clutter which should help a bit but our bare walls and ceiling are obvious places to attack next. I am planning a temporary (Relocatable panel) bass trap for the corner behind the door. Recently we obtained a full sheet of acoustic foam (Still in plastic in photo), it is only an inch thick so it won't help at the frequencies we are looking at here, any thoughts where it would best be placed?

Thanks for your time,


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