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I got a good deal on 2 Mach5 IXL-18 with a Behringer NX6000D amp and I am keen to build my first DIY sub box (I have moderate wood working ability, and live in Canada, so buying flat packs will not be a great option).

But I am wondering what I should build.

For background info:
Use will be 75% music, 25% HT
Room is ~ 16ft x 10ft
The way the room is laid out, one sub will most likely go right behind the main listening position and one directly in front / center.

Priorities for me would be (in order):
#1 Accuracy and musicality, so I was looking into a sealed box. But then I was playing with WinISD and noted that I may not be able to get as deep as I would like without extreme DSP (which I am ok with) but also extreme cone excursion (which I don't want to blow these subs).

#2 Low extension, the lower the better (although this is my first proper sub, so we shall see how addicting that low end really is), so then I was maybe thinking about a large EBS build. Would a full or mini marty be a good fit?

Thankfully space will not be an issue, so really any box size I would make work.
Also, I typically listen below reference, so will not need them to hit crazy high levels.
I just want it clean and then deep.

Super keen for any recommendations.
Also, since this is my first build, if there are any recommended sites for designs (mostly if ported is the way to go) that would be great!

Sub specs if that helps:
Mach5 IXL-18
T/S Parameters
Fs = 17.7 Hz
Re = 3.4 Ohms
Qes = 0.39
Qms = 5.59
Qts = 0.37
Mms = 434.3 grams
Rms = 8.69 kg/s
Cms = 0.184 mm/N
VAS = 274.1 litres
Sd = 1029.2 cm2
Xmax = 22 mm
Cone Diameter = 36.2 cm
Le = 6.09 mH
Bl = 20.51 Tm
Power Handling: 800 Watts SPL (2.83v/1m): 89.2 db
Ported: 200 litres (7 cu.ft.) 19hz tuning
EBS: 365 litres (12.88 cu.ft.) 15hz tuning


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Check out the Devastator thread on avsforum.com. RedFive is constantly designing different versions from 12" to 21" subs. They are musical BP6's with low tuning for HT.
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