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What browser do you use and what resolution do you view? Read more: What browser do you use and what resolution do you view? - Home Theater Forum and

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What's your favorite Internet browser is the poll question. Votes are public.

I always use the latest version of Firefox on all of my computers. Love it! I also use Thunderbird email client which is great.

On my laptop I have a widescreen and the resolution is 1920 X 1080. I get a really good and wide view of the forum.
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I use Google Chrome pretty much exclusively. The whole being able to enter a URL or Search Item into the Address Bar is a wonderful thing. I have my PC Setup to where IE cannot even be opened. I do use Firefox for Syncing with my Motorola Android Phone.
Firefox!! All the way on every computer. Although my son seems to like google chrome as well. But it hasn't caught on with me.
I use Google Chrome on my laptop and Firefox on my Motorola Atrix
What does this have to do with Home Theater Receivers, Processors and Amps?
Nothing. And the OP was more interested in selling us knock off Air Jordan's than contributing to the Forum. As a Moderator, I got an Email Notification and did not even notice the Subforum. Regardless, while it should be moved or deleted, at least it is a benign question and somewhat interesting.
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