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What is your favorite Internet browser?

  • Firefox

    Votes: 87 32.3%
  • IE

    Votes: 105 39.0%
  • Opera

    Votes: 17 6.3%
  • Chrome

    Votes: 26 9.7%
  • Safari

    Votes: 6 2.2%
  • Maxthon

    Votes: 7 2.6%
  • OmniWeb

    Votes: 1 0.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 20 7.4%

What browser do you use and what resolution do you view?

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What's your favorite Internet browser is the poll question. Votes are public.

I always use the latest version of Firefox on all of my computers. Love it! I also use Thunderbird email client which is great.

On my laptop I have a widescreen and the resolution is 1920 X 1080. I get a really good and wide view of the forum.
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Mostly IE, 1680x1050 on my desktop and 1920x1200 on my laptop.
I use IE6 with Text Size on Medium and a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 (32 bits) on a 19" CRT.

This is my first post. I wish it was a bit more profound :dontknow:

brucek :p
Ahhh.... I see two fellers come to life.
What resolution do you use E? :sn:
I use IE with screen at 1280X800.

Never thought of changing it to another size.
John (fibrekid) just turned me on to Maxthon Browser... It's an IE wrap around type browser and it seems to be pretty good... I'm checking it out.

Firefox. Never going back to IE - except when I need to view something MS- or WMP-related that is blocked in FF.

Work computer is standard 1280x1024 I think.

HTPC on my Samsung DLP at home is 1280x720, minus some for overscan (maybe 1224x694 or so).
Firefox 1280 x 1024
Me too,... Firefox and Thunderbird 1280 X 1024 except at work where I am stuck with IE and Outlook, though I do have a nice LCD there and 1024 x 768 iirc

Updated with my new Samsung widescreen 1680 x 1050
IE and Firefox @ 1280x1024.

How do you set your security?

I have active X and java blocked unless I OK it.
I don't think I've every had active X or java blocked but I know MS Antispyware pops up and ask me if it's okay to do this and that all along. Somehow I've managed to be virus free for a *long time on my own computers (*forever). I guess I've been lucky, unlike my daughter who downloads every tom, dick and harry program on the net. I have to just about wipe out her puter every 4-6 months.
IE here because I need to active sync from outlook to my PDA.
Resolution 1024 x 768:blink:
I've been tinkering with IE7 beta 2 and at first thought it might be faster than IE6... maybe even on par with FF... but after using it a few days I don't think so. They still got some work to do at Microsoft.
Safari and OmniWeb. My display is 1920x1200, but of course my browser windows are always much smaller than that. I'd say, 800x1000 on average?
Sounds like you keep two browser windows open. I do that sometimes but tabs seems to work pretty good too... unless I need to compare side by side.
No...sorry, guess you're not familiar with Safari and OmniWeb? They are two different browser applications. I use tabs and keep multiple windows open in both. But they have slightly different feature sets and tabbed browsing behavior and I sometimes prefer one or the other for certain web sites or browsing behavior. Safari tends to be faster at page rendering but OmniWeb has a richer feature set.

Typically, I have one browser window open. Sometimes I have a dozen. I keep both applications open.
1 - 20 of 166 Posts
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