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I have repaired earphones a lot of times before. I was very confident that I can do it with any earphone. My friend happen to give me one to repair, Its from a company called KDM.
The problem is the jack but there is something weird. The earphones I have fixed have one red/green or blue colour wire and a copper color ground wire for each earbud. This one is a little weird as it has 1 red wire, 1 blue wire and 1 green wire and 1 copper color wire. I am having trouble identifying the other ground wire. I apparently did a check for continuity using a multimeter and found blue and green to be pairs and red and copper color to be pairs, but the continuity test could not tell me which of the wire blue or green is ground. Google wasnt much help either as all discussed the two copper and two color wires and not the ones I am having.
So my question is : Which of the wires is ground:Blue or Green?

I was thinking of powering the two wires, giving them appropriate voltage and checking which is which, I am worried if the reverse flow of current may damage the speakers..Should I be worried?
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