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My HT room is shared with my lounge. So I am stuck with a white ceiling and light-medium coloured walls.

I only watch movies at night time, yet even with all the lights off, the walls tend to reflect the light from the screen resulting in tons of ambient brightness in the room. This means the image is not nearly as good as it should be, especially since I have an Epson 8700UB projector, yet I can't reap the benefits of its high contrast.

I calculated my viewing angles to be a maximum of 30 degrees from the screen.

As far as I understand it these are the 2 thing I need to look for in a screen:
a) Grey Screen - This is will cause the light the be reflected less from the screen
b) High Gain - This limits the path of the light, and will prevent it from pouring over to the sides (ie - to the walls).

So, my questions are:
1) What kind of screen and what kind of material do I need? Is my understanding above correct?
2) What screens fit this criteria? Besides the Black Diamond and Firehawk G3, are there any cheaper screens that will get similar results for a lower price? Maybe the Da-Lite High Contrast Cinema grey screen?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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