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Ok then you wont be able to use the DTS audio from the DVD player just use Dolby digital, very little difference.

Yup, thats what it is and it will work just fine as its a digital signal and is not subject to interference like analog.
That’s right that’s like trying to play Dolby digital onto an dts standalone decoder processor the decoder will not recognize the digital RAW bit stream signal.

Today all the decoding is under one roof where in cinema its all separates since and I’m not sure if there still is format war of the Dolby dts and SDDS going on, it would be sad since this started around 1992-93.

With each digital format if no signal is produced in the form of its soundtrack you’ll hear and almighty loud burst of hissing noise that sounds like (pink noise) it made me jump a few times in the past, scared the living daylights out of me.:scared: :rofl2:

One of few processors I stared with was Cambridge Audio Dolby digital AVP nice looking model. My first AVP was dts Millennium 2.4.6. which I still have and cost around £700 new and managed to get for £300 because other manufacture had produced at the time a more affordable model at £300, the dts Millennium decoder had nicer look as well as specification.

The decoder was used with dts laserdiscs at the time because getting the laserdisc played modified for Dolby AC-3 was dogs dinner.

With dts its optical lead for laserdisc players or optical/coaxial for DVD players and some DVD players had at the time issues with playing dts! Today that issue has been resolved.

What sort of cable are you using for audio? You need to use an S/PDIF Digital cable (optical or coax) or HDMI in order to transmit Dolby Digital and DTS. If you are using a pair of RCA cables, then the best you could possibly get would be Dolby ProLogic, ProLogic II or ProLogic IIx depending on the capability of your receiver and DVD player.
The capability LOL I found out the hard way! The dts Millennium would not work or produce a “dts lock” which loosely translates to getting, sod all in the form of a soundtrack!

We tried at least 4 or 5 DVD players at the Hi-fi store where I brought the dts decoder. It was even more bizarre for the staff? We tried each model of DVD player from cheap to expensive and only one worked and I wasn’t going to start shelling out more £££ for the sakes of sigh, sigh, sigh get the picture.

I have since brought other DVD players and they still produce sod all on the dts Millennium! Its to do with the Motorola chip I was told something to do with the way the chip was produced. No issues with laserdisc and get this no issues with CD dts discs on the DVD player!

Time for this! :gah::gah::gah::gah::bigsmile:You just have to laugh at the end of the day.:rofl2:

But I do have Kenwood KRF-X9050D THX select model that performs handsomely…that was until Pearl Harbour where the sound produced a tapping like sound all the way though the whole running time on feature film only!

Get this the THX introduction played with no issues as that was separate title on the DVD. So I had to resort to analogue track for back-up just as if it was in the cinema and the Dolby digital failed it would switch over to Dolby SR.

Also the same issue came up with The Untouchables second edition DVD (special edition). I just could not believe it!

Its the sodden Motorola chip :scratch:that holds both the Dolby/dts digital decoding and the way the DVD is authored as well.

I came across a first edition of The Untouchables for less than £10 and was wondering does this have the same technical sound issues?

It played wow what a relief that was.

So it’s down to two DVD so far out of nearly over 1000 titles I so far have.
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