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What other hobbies do HT people have???

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I have been trying to get a dedicated HT for sometime now but it seems it always gets put on the back burner for one reason or another.
My other hobbies are shooting (getting out of it), Jeeping/four wheeling (this is new one) hiking/camping and I guess that rounds it off.

What about you...
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I love model trains and real trains but as I have no space for a real setup (because my home theater is in the space I would use) I run a 3D simulator on the PC called Trainz, my signature has a link to my website with more info on that.
I also like video editing including 3D animation, Camping and of course sitting at home watching a good movie.
Hey enjoyed your webpage, and pretty cool hobbies

I also enjoy pistol and rifle target shooting, I had a nice selection of bonsai's that were stolen just before christmas a few years back. I have tried scuba diving, sailing catamarans and growing carnivorous plants which I had to give away when I moved to a colder climate for seven years.
I enjoy woodwork and have recently restored an old table I bought for au$40.
See here:- http://www.woodworkforums.com/f173/table-restoration-102644/?highlight=table+restoration
I have a bunch that all come and go depending on the year... this year it's been... sailing, golf, home improvement, cooking, drinking...
I play music (piano, drums, bass guitar, sax), Golf, Tennis, Workout with weights / elliptical, work on my musclecar (65 GTO Convertible) and others, write little software programs, build furniture, read voraciously.....
It's sort of part of Home Theaters, but gaming is another hobby of mine. Video games, PC games, etc. Aside from that, I play volleyball regularly, exercising, singing/music, drawing/art.
Computers, networking, car audio, and cars.
Collecting rare SACD/DVDA's, occasional cooking (looking for a new stove to replace the cheaply one that came with the house), and collecting/playing LEGO's with the kids! And finally I like to dabble with computers as well. I building a new one about every 5-6 years. I should be getting the itch again soon in about another year :)
I play a ton of sports and love watching them as well. Although lately I've been stopping a little bit due to learning computer forensics for my college major
I love deep sea fishing and I have a drum kit that I mess around with when I get aggravated that something in my HT isn't working correctly.....:bigsmile:
I have a Jeep. I live to fish and shoot. I also have a TruckMod forum that keeps me pretty busy. Truckmodcentral.com

Can't beat a nice HT setup for those upcoming Winter weekends though!
Earlier I said my hobbies vary from time to time. Today I seem to specialize in fighting with my co-workers...
Pistol shooting soon riffle/hunting, dirt bike, motorcycle, mountain bike, computer.
Hey Tony, I work as a machinist at a large freight railroad. If you want email your address and I'll try and send you a NS cap.
i ride dirt bikes....
here is my new one.. (Yamaha WR450) I got it a couple months ago...
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Computers, woodworking, cars, car audio ...
Hey Tony, I work as a machinist at a large freight railroad. If you want email your address and I'll try and send you a NS cap.
Hi Brent PM sent, Thanks
My son and I are into cars, motorcycles, target shooting, and radio control models. Basically anything with a low WAF factor.:D
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