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My latest feature film, "What Really Frightens You", will have it's first public screening
at the New Jersey International Film Festival at Rutgers. It will be shown at 7 PM on
Friday, June 12, 2007.

For further details (location, driving directions, train directions) please log onto the
festival site www.njfilmfest.com
I think you meant 2009...wish I could be there Richard!

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Response was very good for my feature. Viewers were college
students which is a major part of my targeted audience. Rutgers
is a nice campus too. They played some shorts before my film,
a couple of which were interesting but all were shot on video and
looked it. There's no question the best results for a digital presentation
are to shoot the production in 35mm then transfer to digital rather than
originate on digital.
"What Really Frightens You" is the third movie in my 'life imitates art'
trilogy. The other two are "Unsavory Characters" (a film noir shot partly
in black and white in the style of the genre) and "Space Avenger" (printed
in real 3 strip Technicolor). I also made a terrorist movie called "Run for
Cover" which was photographed in 3-D. So those are the other movies
I made that made be of interest. I'm currently preparing the sequel to
"What Really Frightens You".

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