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Thanks Bryan. This is great info.

A few more questions:

1. You're mentioning to strecth tight if I use plastic. Is that important? I just filled a couple of "pillows" with rockwool. I used some plastic bags from the grocery store around the rockwool, but didn't care about strecthing it tight.

2. For the tritrap; Will I loose any effectiveness when using some thin timber on the sides? I need to get some sturdiouness so I can move it around.

3. I see some are saying that for a tritrap and for best bassabsorption, it's an advantage that the material one is using is not too dense. That lower gas flow resistance will actually give a better result. Is that true? We don't have 703's here in Norway (to my knowledge), but there are different kinds of both fiberglass and rockwool.
Hi omholt. It's nice to meet fellow countrymen in the forum. You can try this link to find the insulation to build bass traps. Ecophon is sold by Glava, check the Extra Bass, its look simular to 703, I`ll try it in my basstraps.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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