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Well, since we're on food... I made stock from the leftover turkey carcass, a few chicken backs and a hambone I had in the freezer from various occasions...
Then I helped a neighbor chop down a mulberry tree (he promised me the firewood)... still chopping to size, but estimating 4 chords once it cures...
Gave a quart to the neighbor, and yet I'm STILL eating that blasted soup. Did I mention thickening it with leftover gravy?
But I do thin kyou're right Leonard, next year it's Gumbo.
So that might make my biggest score keeping my wife from spending any money!
My wife is allergic to chicken, but not turkey so this time of year is a bonanza for us. We bought ten turkeys. Next week they will all be roasted, stock made from the carcasses, and bottled. Turkey all year long!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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