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What would you want from a dedicated HT line?

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Just a little feeler to see what people might be interested in seeing from a Fi "HT" line. We are trying to keep it realistic, although we can do just about anything that physics allows for.

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Lately I've been checking out the rear loaded horns on the frugal horn site. Most of their designs use fostex speakers. Maybe a driver along the lines of a fostex. One with a weezer cone would be cool, nostalgic sort of. :) I'm not a connoisseur by any means, I'm just digging the looks of a horn enclosure right now. I know its not for everyone. Thank for the chance to give some input. Fi makes great subs, I figure you guys could do wonders with the rest of the frequency range.
Okay, how about this. A pro-audio style sub for the horn crowd? Strong single slug motor & a light weight cone? Something with a shallow mounting depth. Fi has the sealed and ported box crowd covered, with the Q and the SSD. The IB crowed is as happy as they can be with the IB2 & IB3. What about the horn people. The folks at DIYAudio seem to be into this Tapped Horn setup. Me, I'm thinking about trying it. So how about it?
Holy thread resurrect Batman! How about a neo-magnet sub? So I dont have to bust my back moving the thing when I'm cleaning the carpet. Just a thought.
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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