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5.1 with 5 JTR T8s and Bryston PP120 amps

2 Servodrive Contrabass subwoofers and Parasound HCA 2200 MKII amp, QSC DSP-3 (with plans to
upgrade to a DSP-30)

Oppo 83, Lumagen HDP, JVC longthrow RS10

D-Box motion system SRP-230 for the second row.

music and D-Box controller htpc, Monueal 972 case with touchscreen, capture card for Oppo 80
for SACD/DVD-A with 2 TB storage, 30G SSD OS drive.

Bluray htpc with Immersive H3D II and Panasonic RP91 SDI modded.

Onkyo 885 prepro

54x96" AT screen with Draper horizontal masking system

Lutron Grafic Eye 3104.

Niles ir repeater system, Nevo SLQ remote

just bought Color Kinetics iColor led soffit lighting via ebay, and a Lumagen Radiance XD.
An IPad as a controller is on my radar.

7'1" tall room, 79" under the 4 soffits. 9' 5" wide, and 28.5' long. 59" front AT space and 24" deep rear AT space. Two rows of leather loveseats, but I am considering 2 loungers for the front row. I am just about to start the "finishes" stage and leave the "stuck at white primered" stage behind.
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