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Where to Buy 180 gram vinyl and 200 gram vinyl?

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I have searched around and found a few places that sell 180 gram vinyl and 200 gram vinyl, but not knowing them all I am a bit skeptical.

What are your trusted sites to buy higher grade vinyl?

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I wanted to pick up the Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 180g vinyl, but the reviews of it on vinyl are horrid. Looks like I might get the SACD instead.
DSOTM on SACD is honestly the best sounding SACD I have ever heard. Alison Krauss & Union Station Live (which was Recorded native into DSD) is up there as well. In addition to the above listed Record Shops, Rhino and especially Rhino Handmade have some amazing Vinyl.
As these Websites sell their Vinyl for quite expensive prices, it might be worth at least searching on Amazon for titles that you might intend to purchase at one of those sites.
It always seems that way. British Pressings of early Beatles and Rolling Stones Records often fetch a considerable amount more than their US counterparts. The Vinyl resurgence over the past decade has been a wonderful thing as the iPod Kids are starting to get exposed to proper AV Components.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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