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Where to Buy 180 gram vinyl and 200 gram vinyl?

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I have searched around and found a few places that sell 180 gram vinyl and 200 gram vinyl, but not knowing them all I am a bit skeptical.

What are your trusted sites to buy higher grade vinyl?

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I will add SoundStageDirect.com to the list. Great customer service.

I do buy some from Amazon but they are not vinyl people. The last album I purchased came in a box just a bit small. It put tension on the vinyl and ended up warping the record.
I wanted to pick up the Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here 180g vinyl, but the reviews of it on vinyl are horrid. Looks like I might get the SACD instead.
I was wondering where you get that the reviews are horrid.


Most all of these are 5 star.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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