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I just want to confirm we are not talking about anything illegal here? A question, not a statement.

Also... does anyone know a good answer for this:

Do any of the free versions allow ripping of music from DVD and/or Blu-ray disc... into wave or flac files?

OR... even a paid version?
As a moderator on another forum...I can inform you that it is illegal in the US to do this for DVD and BD. I've consulted an industry lawyer about this (about 1.5 years ago), and was told it's still illegal in the USA. I have some industry contacts as well and they have informed me that it was illegal - but they were not coming after the people that just rip for backups - however it's still illegal. They were concerned about the ones that practice R&R (that's not rest and relaxation - that's rent and rip) and the ones that redistribute. I stay away from discussing it to be on the safe side.
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