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Hi all,
I am looking for the best solution for my HT room. I currently have the Behr Silver screen on the wall shooting at 106. The SS is not bad, colors are good but it has no pop and the whites are blueish with a silverish look. The white are the pop are my main concern. I have read some of the threads regarding Cream and Sugar 1,2 & 3, along with the others, but I am at a loss as to what to chose. My PJ is an Epson 8100 and the blacks level are good. i have total light control for the room.
The question is which do I chose?:scratch::help:

Thanks in advance.

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I contacted Sherwin williams and they said they have two type of LW. They have a LW 200 and LW classic. The lw 200 have a better spread than the classic. Does it matter which?
I would assume that the LW classic would be Sherwin-Williams 'Classic99' paint; I don't know what the LW 200 is (perhaps their 'Duration' paint). Both Mech and I used their 'SuperPaint' in LW, but the LW base has been discontinued in that line. I have never used either of the base paints you mention, but my guess is they would work fine for making C&S.

Something that I need to stress is that ALL the formulae for the C&S mixes produce essentially the same results, use which ever one is easier for you to find ingredients for.
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