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Out of curiosity which of these drivers listed below would work best in a Mid-Bass enclosure tuned anywhere from 25 to 50HZ. Looking to see which would supply the most mid-bass energy.

I do know there are other drivers out there more suited to this application but a friend has good low bass but not a lot of mid-bass and these are the drivers I have available. I did mention to my friend that Acoustic Elegance has some great mid-bass drivers or we could go with a pro-driver but he would rather use what I already have.

ACI SV12 (already pre-loaded in WinISD)

Impedance: 4 ohm
RMS Power: 350 watts (system power 500 watts)
Sensitivity: 90dB
Fs: 17.5Hz
BL: 8.9 Tm
Qms: 8.35
Qes: 0.41
Qts: 0.395
Vas: 250 liters
Cms: 1041.67
Mms: 99 grams
X-max: 12.87mm peak
VC Ø: 2" (51mm)
VC Height: 31.75mm
Air Gap Height: 9.652mm
VC Inductance: 1.45mH
VCR: 2.97 ohm

NHT Sub2 (WinISD download below) will be used as a pair dues to the 9.58 ohm config. wired in parallel.

Re: 9.58
Fs: 21.5
Qms: 2.952
Qes: 0.444
Qts: 0.386
Vas: 103.84 L
Cms: 0.000561
Mms: 97.8
Dia: 215
BL: 16.87
Spl: 85.47
Zmax: 73.2
Sd: 0.03631
Xmax: 13.0
Hg: 8.0
Hvc: 34.0

Audiopulse Axis 12" QVC (WinISD download below)

Qts 0.33
Re (series) 4.7 Ω
Fs 25 Hz
Cms 125 µM/N
Vas 44 lit
Mms 310 g
BL (series) 26.2 Tm
Sd 0.050 m²
SPL 85.2 dB
Xmax 30 mm

Just really need something that will work like the HSU Research MBM. He already has a EP2500 so we can use the HPF on it at 30 or 50HZ, whichever would work out best. We will only be using 1 channel of his EP2500 as the other channel is already in use. I also picked up a Reckhorn B-1 and ED EQ.2 so we could use one if need be.

I was almost going to not include the Audiopulse due to it's power demands but in a high tuned ported enclosure and the QVC giving me flexibility to wire it up 1 channel for the EP2500 should work out well.
My buddy wanted the Audiopulse as a possibility too since he really likes it after hearing my test boxes.

I can use the ACI SV12 in a pair as well if that would work out good.

I plan on using them in a ported alignment as he has a pretty big room and I want it to be as efficient as possible. This MBM will be crossed over at probably 100 to 120hz depending on what his processor allows.

If you could list which drivers you think would work best then your second choice I would appreciate it.



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Out of the 3 drivers that you picked. The ACI's but honestly none of them. Dead last is the Axis. That is not a good driver for an MBM in any way.

Try something like this...


It will eat the rest of these above 30hz on half of the power. These are solid reputable drivers used by a lot of DIYers. Tune in the 35hz area in about 6 cu ft with an 8" x 11" port use about 450w on it and a 30hz HPF. If this is to big you can shrink the cab some and add more power, or go with the 12" which is also really good.

The Axis 12 wouldn't even do what the above would in the midbass with 2000w of power.

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Thanks for the reply,

I told my friend a pro sub would be better for mid-bass but like most he only wants what he see's in front of him and I don't have any pro drivers.

He just likes the Axis as it is the most aggressive looking of the bunch.

I already have some modeled so unless he wants to order up a new driver the ACI SV12 will have to do. It is a very good driver especially for the price as he can go with a pair for less than 1 Eminence.

I will just let him know his options and he can decide from there.

Thanks again Ricci, I know he will ask if I asked here so now I can show him your reply.
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